Vita lejongap

Förra veckan köpte jag en bukett med någon slags lejongap och de har slagit ut så fint. Jag kan tillägga att jag aldrig kan hålla mig från att nypa på dem och se om de kan gapa.


Last week I bought a bouquet of some sort of snapdragon and they're blossoming so beautifully. I can add that I can never keep myself from squeezing them to see if they'll gape.

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Georgianna sa...

:) I love snapdragons. And I always squeeze them, too! Have a lovely week, Moa. xo – g

kat sa...

Hehe I see Georgi has said just what I was going to say.
Snapdragons are a lovely shape aren't they. I like watching the bees find their way inside in the smaller ones in our garden.
Luv kat xx

Moa sa...

Yes, they look so lovely. Hope you both have a lovely week! :) xx

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