Walking in a winter wonderland

Tidigare idag trotsade jag de 15 minusgraderna och klampade runt i snön för att få lite vinterfoton. Det är perfekt att vi har en liten skogsdunge på vår innergård, jag behöver bara gå 10 meter för att få naturbilder. Det var ett helt makalöst ljus ute idag som jag inte tycker riktigt kommer fram i bilderna, men ni får föreställa er ett sorts persikofärgat skimmer helt enkelt.


Earlier today I braved the cold and went outside in the -15C weather (5F) to take some shots. It's been snowing a lot lately and it was so pretty outside. We have a little grove in our inner courtyard which I think is perfect, I just have to walk for 10 meters to take nature shots. The light outside was incredible, but I don't think it was really captured in the photos. You'll just have to add a little imaginary apricot shimmer to it.

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shanon sa...

Oh! I love the idea that there is an apricot shimmer to everything in your world today. =)

Moa sa...

Mm, it was very romantic :)

Karin A sa...

Så stämningsfull med snön och det vackra ljuset. Fina bilder!


Moa sa...

Tack så mycket!

Georgianna sa...

Pure magic, Moa! I do know what you mean about that apricot shimmer on the snow. It's a glow that seems to fill the air even. It's hard to capture in a photo but I think you did it. Stay warm! – g

Moa sa...

Oh, thanks so much Georgianna! I'm glad you can see some of the shimmer :) Take care! xo

kat sa...

Your snowy photos are so pretty Moa!
I am just snapping from behind a window :)
We have lots of icicles today.
I have a friend who lives in Sjotofta she said it has been -12 through the day.
Love Kat xx

Moa sa...

Thanks a lot Kat! Icicles are so pretty, I love ice on windows too :) It's been really cold here as well, this weekend we had about -20C! Brr! :) Have a great evening! xo

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