Kunglig kärlek och glamour

Idag har ju vår kronprinsessa gift sig med sin drömprins och jag har förstås följt det hela på tv. Jag tyckte det var fint att se hur kära de såg ut och dessutom är det underbart med alla galaklänningar och allt glitter. Som grädde på moset har jag fått dela allt med en kär vän som var här på besök med sin lilla son, vilket har varit mycket mysigt.


Today the crown princess of Sweden has married her prince Charming and I've followed the whole thing on tv. It was nice to see how much in love they seemed to be plus I love seeing all the pretty dresses and the bling. To top it off I had a dear friend and her little son here and we've had such a lovely time.

Photos from Aftonbladet.

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shanon sa...

So pretty!!! I love everything about her style. So classic and gorgeous.

Moa sa...

Mm, I think the dress is very nice. Usually the royal wedding dresses are more covered up and with long sleeves, so I'm happy she chose this look instead. I'm not that fond of her tiara, but it's a tradition to wear it at the wedding so... :)

Georgianna sa...

Oh, what fun to see it all ! I heard about it and that it was gorgeous and very touching, too. Thank you so much for sharing the photos, Moa! xo – g

Moa sa...

Yes, it was very touching and beautiful! They both cried during the wedding ceremony and then at the party he held a speach that was so heartfelt and loving that one couldn't help but cry - his new wife sure did :)
Moa xo

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