A very sweet gift

This blog post will be in English since it's about a very sweet American friend of mine. Martin and I received a very pretty package in the post today, which were some wedding presents from the lovely Shanon. I got to know this Minnesota girl on flickr a couple of years ago (I can't believe how fast time flies!) and we share the love for flowers and pastel tones (or cotton candy colors, as she calls them). I just wanted to share some photos of the wonderful goodies that she sent us.

Prints of my two absolute favourite photos of hers.

Not only prints, but double note cards with envelopes with the same motif. Also a super cute print of a chandelier, and how can you not like those with all the bling and sparkly things going on. (PS. she sells all these goodies in her etsy shop.)

Just a snapshot of the pretty packaging too, I always think half the fun with presents is the wrapping.

Thanks so much Shanon for all these lovely things, the prints will hang on our walls very soon. As for the note cards I might need some persuading to part with them...

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shanon sa...

I'm so pleased I was able to send you a gift for your wedding. Congratulations again!

You are a dear friend Moa. I can't believe it's been 2 years either! Haha Yay for the internet, for flickr-friends, and for flowers and cotton candy colors!


Moa sa...

Thank you so much! I know, it's been a really long time. It's so fun to be able to get to know people you would never have "met" otherwise!

Take care my flower-loving friend!

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