Rosa chrysanthemum

Jag tror det är dags att köpa en bukett med snittblommor igen. Det kan behövas i höstmörkret.


I think it's time to buy some fresh flowers again. That will cheer us up now that it's so dark outside.

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shanon sa...

Don't you just love how clean mums smell? The darkness definitely requires anything we can find to cheer things up. I've been playing classical music and I need to buy a load of candles. =)

Moa sa...

Yes, they're fab flowers! These cost about $5 and they lasted for 10 days, so they're a good buy :)

Ah, candles are a very important part of the fall/winter season. We have a tray with block candles that I light every day. I constantly have to get new candles for it, but it's absolutely worth it for all the coziness it creates :)

Anonym sa...

Vad snyggt det blev,stolen blev jättesöt.du har varit duktig som fått det så snyggt,jag gillar gardinen också,blir lite sugen på att sy själv.

Moa sa...

Tack Karin! :)

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